DB Autotech offers a premium vehicle compliance service to customers over a wide base of vehicle types. 

David Blythe is an Authorised Engineer (Approved Person) with Queensland Transport, South Australian Department of Transport and DIT (Federal Government) and is a CPEng and RPEQ with the authority to carry out engineering inspections and fit a compliance or modification plate (mod plate) to modified and imported vehicles.  We are also RVCS agents for federal type approval of cars, trucks and trailers.  DB Autotech offers specialist automotive engineering, compliance and consultancy services.  We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, but offer a mobile service for customers all over South East Queensland.  Whether your engineering project is a large scale commercial project or a small scale private project we are happy to help you with your engineering and compliance requirements.  Please go to the About Us page to read more of the services DB Autotech offers and some background of our knowledge, skills and experience. 

DB Autotech has now associated with Jeff Barker Engineering.  Jeff has been a Queensland Transport Approved Person since 1998 and has a wealth of experience in light and heavy vehicle modifications and the relevant codes of practice.  With this association, we envisage we can offer clients a complete range of services and fast turn around times to meet your required deadlines. 

Either David Blythe or Jeff Barker will be your contact regarding your project and we will work together, as required, to complete your requirements.
Latest News:-

*********** Further Changes - pre 1972 (LO8) import compliance being deleted 1st Oct 2014**********
Queensland Transport have implemented a new compliance system 1st Oct 2014 for pre 1989 imported vehicles.  A summary of the new system is:-
  • LO8 – pre 1972 compliance and requirements is deleted completely.
  • Pre 1969 build vehicles do not need compliance or mod plating by an engineer.  The roadworthy (safety certificate) examiner carries out the inspection as part of the safety cert and vehicle requirements should be as per vehicle roadworthy requirements for the year of the vehicle.  Import approval is still required.
  • 1969 – 1988 build vehicles require compliance to LO1 by an engineer.  LO1 is basically an ADR checklist for the year of build of the vehicle.  Import approval is still required.

We are getting a high volume of calls about 4WD suspension and lift kits.  The regulations for lift kits in Qld are:-

  1. 2” susp lift allowed
  2. 2” tyre diameter increase allowed
  3. 2” body lift allowed
If you to # 1 and #2 together (or alone) – OK no mod plate reqd
If you do #3 alone – OK no mod plate needed.
If you combine # 1 & 2 & 3 – LS9/10 mod codes reqd – this requires lane change test, design drawings etc.. This will get expensive and your car will possibly fail the lane change test.  
You cannot exceed the lifts listed in above #1,2 and 3.  No engineers in Qld can approve a susp lift over 2" (50mm) spring lift.

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